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WOOOW!! Nene Leakes From The Atlanta Housewives Releases Some PROVOCATIVE Pics . . . Fellas Is She SMASH OR DASH????

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NeNe Leakes from the Atlanta Housewives showed off her recent weight loss/ liposuction.

In last night's show, we saw Nene hit the roof after several of the castmember's made jokes about her being an "elder." NeNe ranted saying that if she took her clothes off and they saw her naked body, they wouldn't talk that way... and we believe her.

NeNe has always taken a bit of flack for her weight, but she's never been fat. She's just very tall. But every now again she likes to pop up and show people what time it is - and it appears to be that time.

Last night, she also flipped after Kim Zolciak posted a video of her daughter inside Nene's house which appeared to be infested with roaches. The uploading of the video was in response to Nene making the following remarks about Kim.

“Kim is the only person who has had cancer, thyroids, blood clots, open-heart surgery, a stroke, and is still running around here being negative... If you’ve had that much, you should be so positive and thankful that God has let you live through every disease in America. Cancer, stroke, thyroid, open-heart surgery, and still living? I can’t get over it. God is good, honey. She’s had it all!”

Zolciak texted to video to all of the ladies who were at the dinner table, and Leakes blew up, saying:

“F*ck Kim, okay? Can’t none of y’all b*tches can step in my house and say a m———— thing because all my sh*t is brand new with real tags on the b*tch, okay? … To say that I live in a roach-infested house? Her and her daughter are disgusting.”

Well, Kim's going to have to face Nene when they return. But the upside is that she looks fabulous!

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We like the new NeNe

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