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GOODNESS GRACIOUS . . . 2000s Pop Singer Nelly Furtado PUT ON WEIGHT . . . She's Now THICKER Than OATMEAL!!!

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Pop singer Nelly Furtado was one of the most FAMOUS pop singers in the 2000s.
Now she’s gaining MORE fame on social media – for the changes her body underwent in recent years.

Men all over the globe are sharing recent pics of her – and praising her new THICK frame.

Here are some of the hilarious (and highly complimentary) responses to her weight gain.

"We're here for Nelly Furtado's amazing new album, but we're also here to figure out when she got hit with TheThickness™. "

"I can confirm that Nelly Furtado does indeed have the yams."

"White men on my TL: "Damn Nelly Furtado got fat"
Black men on my TL: "Damn Nelly Furtado ass lookin scrumptious"

"Nelly Furtado got that thickness and the "I date black men" haircut All praise due to the spaghetti monster in the sky"

"Nelly Furtado ain’t get that thick overnight. I’ve actually been spotting her in Flatbush going to C&J’s ordering a large oxtail with rice & peas and plantain. She even yelled “I WANT MORE OXTAIL GRAVY” at the cook one time and he gave it to her but sucked his teeth of course"

Fans were also shocked to find out that the "Like A Bird" star is currently dating former Odd Future artist, Hodgy Beats. A picture surfaced this weekend of the pair holding hands at an event for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Rumors of the pair dating have been floating around on online forums for months, but now the couple has been thrust back into the spotlight.

New music will inevitably be on the way soon.

Take a look at Nelly's yams below.

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