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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Janelle Monae RELEASES VIDEO . . . Dedicated To Her New FEMALE LOVER . . . Actress Tessa Thomspon!!!

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Earlier this week, Janelle Monae came out as gay – and dating actress Tessa Thompson.
Now she’s come out even MORE publicly – in her new video.

The video is called "Dirty Computer," and it's a trailer or an "emotion picture" for Monae's upcoming album of the same title.

The trailer will air during the commercials in theaters for "Black Panther" across the country and features her rumored girlfriend, Tessa Thomspon - who she can be seen embracing.

Although we have been referring to these events as "coming out," Janelle Monae has made it very clear that she is rejecting labels regarding her sexuality. She is just living. In 2018, people should not have to publicly come out or define their sexuality, and it seems that she and Thompson are enjoying a happy, healthy spotlight and maintaining a level of privacy which is vital to ANY relationship.

No release date was included in the trailer, but if she's busy promoting its arrival, we can surely expect it sometime soon. The new album will be released more than five years since her Electric Lady album although she has dropped an EP since then.

Monae has been diving into movies and has landed several huge roles in the films, Moonlight (which won an Oscar) and Hidden Figures.