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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Malika SHOOTS HER SHOT . . . Trying To Get Back . . . With ROB KARDASHIAN!!! (Read It . . . Is She Being TOO THIRSTY??)

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Malika Haqq was shooting her shot last night – in a last-ditch attempt to get back with her ex Rob Kardashian.

Feeling some kinda way, the Celebrity Big Brother star tweeted:

"[email protected] How come you never call me anymore? I’m the perfect comeback. #BlacChynaWho #Ithinkiloveyou"

And the social media reactions were absolutely priceless:

"@ForeverMalika You & Rob should have locked it in YEARS ago! All the haters saying "you just want in on the Kardashians" been sleeping apparently. Quick to forget you & Rob always been flirtin'. You already Fam baby girl ♡"

"Truth be known I’ve always that you two should be together but everything happens for a reason and without Chyna there would be no Dream! Now that you have your baby baby, grab that hero #Malika4Always"

"Y'all was cute when y'all tried to trick @khloekardashian 😂 sometimes the friend you have can make the perfect wife when all fails. #giveitatry #teamMalika #teamRob"

However, perhaps we shouldn't get our hopes up just yet for a Malika/Rob reunion.

There are whispers online that Malika is taking part in an MTV show called SafeWord in which celebrities are pushed to their limits by comedians and other celebrities resorting to using the ‘safeword’ when the humiliation gets too much.

We're sure the tweet wouldn't have been taken well by Rob's jealous ex Blac Chyna. Not that Malika cares. Back when Rob proposed to Chyna, Malika ave her 2 cents and it wasn't pretty.

“I saw Rob a couple of weeks ago. Rob is doing ‘Rob,’ clearly. That’s what Rob is doing. I can’t say he’s bad. I can’t say he’s good,” she told press at the 47th Annual NAACP Image Awards. “I can just say that he’s going through his vibe, which kind of excludes other people from the choices that he wants to make and maybe that’s him growing from whatever discomfort he may have had.”

Rob did not publicly respond to the tweet.

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Malika and Rob were good friend for most of their teenage years, and dated briefly. And Malika was lookign to rekindle that flame:

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And speaking of Rob - he looks GREAT. He lost a lot of weight. Peep him in the below video: