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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B's Pregnant . . . And Has The SAME DUE DATE . . . As Offset's Pregnant SIDE PIECE!!! (Preggers Pic Of BOTH)

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    Original: broke the news that Offset got Cardi pregnant. TMZ confirmed our report yesterday.
But we learned some more tea – that Cardi and Offset’s side chick Celina are both 3 months pregnant. Both women have due dates around August 12th, 2018.

Our snitch close to Celina told us, “Celina’s due date is August 12th, and it’s Offset’s baby.”

When we approached our CARDI B CAMP INSIDER and told them Celina’s date, the insider told, “Ugggh, that’s Cardi’s [due] date too."

Cardi has been desperately trying to kill the rumors that she is expecting. But with each performance, her stomach grows a little more, further fanning the flames of speculation.

Perhaps the "Bartier Cardi" star is just superstitious. Some people are reluctant to go public about their pregnancies until they are free and clear. The possibility of miscarriage is much higher during the first trimester while some prefer to wait until at least 5 months before spilling the beans.

Celina was served with a cease and desist letter by the Migos rapper at the end of 2017, but she's refusing to be silenced.

“I ain’t cease and desisting SH*T,” Celina Powell blasted him on Twitter. "[Offset] tell ya lawyer suck my d*ck the way I sucked yours.”

Now here she is, flaunting her pregnancy for the world to see. We don't think Cardi B is going to like this one bit. The question is, will she continue to stand by her man?

Here’s Offset’s pregnant side piece Celina:

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