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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Sports Illustrated Puts 200 POUND BIG GIRL . . . In New Swimsuit Edition . . . And People Are HATING!! (PICS)

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200-pound model Tabria Majors made the cut – and is in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.
The thick beauty has long been FIGHTING for the rights of THICK women in the modeling industry, and this is a HUGE win.

We should be way more advanced in our thinking. Women come in all different shapes and sizes, and they should all be represented. The average size for women in the United States is a size 16 - not a size 2.

Here are some of the hateful comments on social media:

"Tabria Majors isn’t even curvy anymore she’s just fat"

"Yo I want Sports Illustrated to do a guys version and put a bunch of fat out of shape dudes oiled up in it and see what women's reaction to it is. Just guts everywhere lol"

"That Sports Illustrated model is fat yall not gonna sit here and lie lol"

"So fat people can be sports illustrated models but you won't get someone short??? Okayyy don't come to me about diversity, inclusivity and representativeness"

But Tabria is not letting the haters bring her down. Speaking to Popsugar, on all of the negativity, she said:

"Ignore it, which is way easier said than done, but once you get to that point, you'll be a better person overall and have a better outlook."

She also hit Twitter to clap back at all of the men claiming that she is too big to be on the cover.

"It’s all good, I’m too big for a lot of guys, and usually those guys are too small for me 😉"

Good for you, Tabria!

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But some folks aren't ready to see BIG GIRLS WIN. Below are her Sports Ilustrated pics. What do you think???

Here is another pic #1

Here is another pic #2

Here is another pic #3

Here is another pic #4

Here is another pic #5