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MTO SHOCKER: Check Out These 9 Amazing . . . 'MALE WEAVE' Transformations . . . These Stylists Are SORCERERS!!! (PICS)

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Who says getting a weave is ONLY FOR WOMEN. Nowadays weavologists are extending their client base.
Now MEN can have great hair too.

Man weaves (cranial prosthesis, hair replacement units or hair systems) are a great way for men to cover up balding spots for the same reasons that a lot of women do.

On social media, the jokes are endless, and men who rock weaves are constantly mocked and turned into memes - but is that fair?

We often forget that men too suffer from alopecia or other illnesses which may cause hair loss. People often forget about cancer survivors who have had to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy - a man may not want to remain bald after treatment.

But let's be real, just like women, the main reason for rockin' a man weave is pure vanity! And it doesn't come cheap either!

A temporary, low-cost man weave can set you back at least $275 and upwards of $800-$1000 for one that can last anything up to a year. And what's the issue anyway? Have a look at these guys below, don't they look great?

And they're helping out the economy. The increase in men wearing weaves means that more weaveologists are gainfully employed. So it's a win all the way around!

Just don't call them weaves. Apparently, men don't like that. Hair units... Call them hair units!