MTO SHOCK PICS: Someone Leaked NEKKID PICS Of Love And Hip Hop's CHINESE KITTY . . . From Before She BOUGHT Her IMPLANTS!!!

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Love And Hip Hop Miami’s Chinese Kitty is one of the most popular characters this season. She’s known for being an Instagram model who NEVER poses nude, and has CRAZY curves.
Well, that wasn’t always the case. Someone just sent us some old LEAKED modeling pics of her – from BEFORE all her surgeries.

She had a nice shape then . . . We're unsure as to why she felt that she even needed to go under the knife.

Her mother, Chinese Nicky, was also a cast member of the show.

Chinese Nicky holds a degree in fashion design and merchandising and owns her very own (and very successful) clothing line The Nikhol Hing Collection. Her contemporary fashion boutique, Kloth has over 11k followers on Instagram online plus a physical location in South Beach, Florida which Kitty helps run.

Chinese Kitty can currently be seen on LHH: MIA flirty with Lil' Scrappy and beefin' with her love rival, Shay. The other of one has admitted having liposuction and breast enhancement surgery.

Boasting over 2 million followers, he is trying to make a name for herself in the music industry, but we haven't really seen or heard too much about the music on the show. So, how seriously can she be taking it?

Take a look at the shots below. We think she looked great back then. Do you think the Love & Hip Hop Miami star needed the surgery?

Here is the first pic

Here is the SECOND pic

Here is the third pic

Here is the fourth

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