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MTO SHOCKER: The REAL HOSTS Tamera Mowry And Jeanie Mae . . . Husbands Are TRUMP SUPPORTERS . .. Want To 'Make America Great AGAIN'!!

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Tamera Mowry and Jeannie Mae are married to proud TRUMP SUPPORTERS – who believe in the RACIST AGENDA being pushed by the divisive president.

Every day Tia and Tamera speak to MINORITY WOMEN on their talk show The REAL . . . but they go home to men who are ANYTHING BUT SYMPATHETIC to the plight of women or African Americans.

Not only did both men likely VOTE for the RACIST PREZ . . . They are on Instagram SPREADING HIS HATEFUL message.

Tamera has spoken openly about her interracial marriage and even caused a storm on Twitter when she revealed on The Real that he had checked HER in the past for being racist.

"I was actually checked by my white husband," Tamera said. "I was making him a sandwich...and I had some mayonnaise, and I asked him, 'Adam, do you want a lot of mayo on your sandwich?'"

Last year he denied allegations that he had voted for Trump, responding to a follower who left a comment on an Instagram post, he said:

"Ummmmmm excuse me. I have never supported Trump. I didn't support either candidate because they were both wrong in my eyes... for different reasons #Getitright but... if I did... which I didn't... it would have been my right as an American in this free country."

We know what he is SAYING, but that isn't quite matching up with his actions. Check out the images below.

Is Tamera's hubby Adam Housley a secret Trump supporter or are people jumping to conclusions?

One thing's for certain, he too wants to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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