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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Professional Wrestler ACCIDENTALLY DIES . . . Performing A Very DANGEROUS Wrestling Move!! (Don't Try THIS At Home)

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A Mexican wrestler performing a frontflip from the top rope onto his opponent outside the ring – died in a tragic accident. The video, which is below – shows that the trained wrestler miscalculated the stunt and faceplanted hard on the concrete.
As soon as the wrestler MISSED HIS MARK – chaos ensued.

The organizers immediately flipped him over onto his back, and it was clear he was in VERY BAD shape.

Eventually, paramedics arrived at they carried him away on a stretcher. The wrestler reportedly died in hospital. The landing fractured his skull.

Over the past couple of year, several wrestlers have also lost their lives in the ring.

Back in 2015, Mexican Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, better known as Hijo del Perro Aguayo died after he received a flying kick from his opponent, Rey Mysterio Jr. The fight did not immediately stop after the deadly blow and continued for almost two minutes before anybody realized that Ramirez had been seriously injured. An autopsy later revealed that he had suffered three broken vertebrae and that his death would have been instant.

Just last October, wrestler Eric Denis died after suffering a heart attack while competing in Canada.

As entertaining as it may be, even a sport most dismiss as "fake" comes with its risks.

Here is a link to the video - we WARN YOU - it is VERY graphic

Here is an alternate link