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MTO EXCLUSIVE: TI's Wife Tiny Shows Off Her SEXY NEW LOOK . . . She Hasn't Looked This GOOD . . . Maybe EVER!!!

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We LOVE us some Tiny Harris – she’s a great singer, a great mom, and a GREAT PERSON.

The Xscape member has been killin' it during her live shows with the group, where they all regularly switch up their wigs and weaves. Tiny usually goes for longer hairstyle, but she was recently pictured out with a seriously cute short 'do.

The short blonde pixie cut set tongues wagging during her appearance at the NYFW. The verdict? Two thumbs up from EVERYBODY!

It's not just her hair that's changed, Tiny has also been working out daily and she as rocking a tighter bod too!

A source close to Tiny told Hollywood Life - “Tiny has been working out with her hot trainer in Atlanta whenever she’s back in town. It drives Tip crazy with jealousy. She likes it when Tip gets jealous because it always spices up their sex life. As much as Tip hates that Tiny is having these sweaty training sessions with Kory their sex life has leveled up because of it. He likes the challenge, and Tiny is benefiting in the bedroom as a result.”

Last year, she went through a rough patch after she decided to file for divorce from her ATL rapper husband, T.I. The couple were separated for life but have recently decided to reconcile, and we hear that her new workout schedule is doing wonders for their sex life!

We absolutely LOVE her new look, and we hope that she keeps it a while.

Here’s what she looks like:

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And we absolutely LOVE her new look.

Here's what she looks like:

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