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MTO EXCLUSIVE SHOCKER: Police Officer LAUGHS At Black College Girls Being RACIALLY PROFILED In Applebees . . . 'Ha Ha . . . You're Being So DRAMATIC'!!!

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In the era of RACIAL PROFILING and police KILLING innocent unarmed Black people – a new video has gone viral – showing two college students being RACIALLY PROFILED AND HARASSED.
Yesterday two Rutgers University students were threatened with ARREST and forced to leave an Applebee's restaurant in Independence, MO.

The police were called to INTIMIDATE the young women – and threaten them with arrest.

The Applebees worker claimed that she believed the two women had eaten without paying a day earlier – but her only description of the girls who skipped out of their bill is that they were “Black” and “One had on makeup.”

What’s even MORE disturbing is that the officer LAUGHED at the girls who were TERRIFIED by his presence. One of the young women recorded the incident. Here are some of the reactions to the video on Facebook.

"I was highly upset and disappointed with the manager and the employee that tried to hide. If you are positive these were the two women then why hide. Racist Coward. BUT, I could not finish watching the damn video because of all that damn crying. Get yourself and your pride up and out of that restaurant and take legal action. Just stop it!!! And they shouldn’t have paid for a meal they couldn’t enjoy nor finish."

"Girl Applebees hot dog ass ribs is nasty anyway... Dont eat that processed cheap ass food #applebees"

"We have got to stop buying and supporting these white buisnesses and find other ways to buy food shop period besides white businesses period now all of us. We have got to make a change here and stop supporting a country that never supported us."

Watch the video below. Were the police officers crossing the line?

Hey facebook friends and family I need your help reposting this. Especially in black history month black people cannot continue to be treated this way. My friend and I were shopping at the independence center in independence, Missouri(Near Kansas City), when we were done we decided to get a bite to eat at Applebee’s. About an hour into out dinner we were approached by a Independence police officer, a mall cop, and the restaurant manager. We were told that we were accused of eating and not paying for CHICKEN the day before (dining and dashing). Mind you that we have proof that can show our whereabouts and it’s not even in our character to steal. After being mocked, humiliated, and embarrassed we were asked to pay for our food, leave, and not come back. After leaving, calls were made to the restaurant and the manager stated that our accuser remembered that there was a SKINNY girl and a girl who wore MAKEUP. In 2018 is this really what we’re debased to? Our weight and whether or not we wore makeup. She could not recognize any facial features or any defining characteristics . This is a clear example of RACIAL PROFILING that should not be stood for. Just because we are black does not mean we are all criminals and I will not be treated as such. #repost Applebee's Grill & Bar

Posted by Alexis Brison on Saturday, February 10, 2018

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