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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop's TAMMY RIVERA Reportedly . . . Got MORE RIBS REMOVED . . . Now Look AT Her BODY!!! (Looks Painful)

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Tammy Rivera from LOVE AND HIP HOP is rumored to have had TWO ribs removed. Now word on the street is that she had TWO MORE removed.
Rib removal surgery is extremely controversial – but doctors claim that women can remove UP TO 6 RIBS without risk of death.

The LHHATL star has constantly denied that she's had any work done.

“Y’all want me to have a BBL (Brazilian butt lift) so bad, well I never had a BBL. My a** and hips are completely real!” Rivera responded to a doubtful follower who accused her surgery denials and flat tummy tea endorsements as fraudulent. “I know it would make you feel better about yourself if I did but sweetie I never got my a** or hips done. That’s natural babe deal with it!”

She is speaking about her hip and her booty but doesn't mention anything about her stomach, which is interesting.

Shortly after, he visited new talk show Sister Circle and admitted to having work done on her breasts.

“I promise on the air I breathe and my child breathes, this is my a**. This is my real booty, for sure... I did get a breast lift. And when I got a breast lift I got an implant. I got my breast reduced three times after that. They kept growing!”

If Tammy Rivera took so long to admit to a few breast reductions, we highly doubt that she's going public about having her ribs removed.

Do you think she's had more work done?

Look at her . . .