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MTO SHOCKER: Blac Chyna's MAMA Just Released A 'TWERK' Video . . . She's A GRANDMA . . . And Can Still POP THAT BOOTY LIKE A PRO!!

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Black Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni wants y’all to know that she’s still got it.

The outspoken mother of Blac Chyna regularly blasts the Kardashian/Jenner's online. Just this week, she posted a video where she said the following:

"Is it me or am I really a conspiracy theorist? What’s up with all of them three having a baby at the same time? Are they competing with Chyna and with Dream [Kardashian]? Well, I don't know how the f*ck that could be because let me do the math. They're all sisters, being together every day, making million-dollar fans and sh*t, fanning their faces."

She continued: “Why do all that when you just had Dream? We all just had Dream! But Dream is the only Kardashian so I guess that the families would probably want a baby in their family too.”

While her daughter continues to fight the Kardashian's in the courts, Tokio Toni is fanning the fumes of war in the court of public opinion. And when she's not popping off of Kris and her brood, she's twerking and booty popping online.

Like mother, like daughter.

Look what she posted on social media. Does Tokio still have it or is she too old to be posting this mess online?