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MTO SHOCKER: Social Media Star Deelishis Shows Off her NEW NOSEJOB . . . She Looks Like . . . One Of MICHAEL JACKSON'S SISTERS!!!

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Social media star Deelishis has been SURGICALLY changing her BODY for years. Now she’s starting to change her FACE.
Last year, Dee got a full FACELIFT. Now – she got a Michael Jackson nose job.

Deelishis has very often been given props for her bangin' body but not so much for her face. But in her recent pictures, the Flavor Of Love star is almost unrecognizable.

Not only has her nose been dramatically reduced in size, but her skin appears to be a few shades lighter. She does look good, but she needs to stop here and not go any further. Any more surgery and she will be in Michael Jackson territory!

She has been very open about her body augmentation, even tagging her plastic surgeon in one of her Instagram posts, she has denied having any work done on her face and attributes her new look to make-up tricks, filters & having extensive dental work... YEAH RIGHT!

That is NOT at the same nose. There's not a highlight/contour in the world which could deliver this look from all of these angles. If she's come clean about going under the knife, she may as well come clean about it all.

Take a gander at the pics below. Has the Detroit radio personality had work done or nah?

This is what her nose used to look like:


And here is her new nose:

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