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PIMPING IN THE PULPIT!! Pastor In POOR AREA Of Pittsburgh . . . Pulls Up To The Church . . . In A New $350K Bentley SPORTS TRUCK!! (PICS)

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If you’re Black and from the city of Pittsburgh – you’re Facebook is probably LIT right about now.
That’s because the pastor of a popular church there, Mount Ararat, recently purchased a $350K Bentley Bentayga.

A photo of the truck parked outside of the church has gone Pittsburgh viral, with hundreds of people offering their thoughts on the pastor’s purchase.

The pastor, Dr. William H. Curtis has served as the Senior Pastor at Mount Ararat Baptist Church in Pittsburgh since 1997. The megachurch boasts more than 10,000 members in the community - that means a lot of tithes coming in over their four services every weekend!

One of the writers at VerySmartBros is actually a member of the congregation at the church and appears to defend the pastor, saying:

"Before the Bentley, this pastor apparently drove a Range Rover, and I wouldn’t have had the same visceral reaction to that. And I doubt that a picture of a Range Rover parked in his spot would have gone viral. But Range Rovers are also very expensive cars. New ones start at $90,000, and once you get all the bells and whistles, they can easily surpass $100,000."

He does ask where the line is. The Bentley pic has gone viral and earned much criticism from outsiders, but where should the balling stop for pastor's who are earning millions from their flock?

Should pastor not cut back on such luxuries and drive regular cars like the rest of us, or should they be able to spend the money that they make from the church however they so choose?

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