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IGNORANT Louisiana Rapper: The Reason Why Black People Were SLAVES . . . Is Because 'OUR ANCESTORS WERE P*SSY'!!! (Wow . . . The IGNORANCE)

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Louisiana rapper Maine Musik is coming UNDER FIRE - for some very IGNORANT comments he made on social media.

Maine told his followers:

"I pay all respect to my ancestors that were stand up people. But at the end of the day, all Blacks weren’t stand up back in the [day]. Most of them were p*ssy.

Cause if they were real, me and my kind wouldn’t even experience racism."

He then went on to say that he and his gangsters have “Trump scared to come to Louisiana.”

There appears to be no limit to Maine Musik's stupidity. In 2016, the Baton Rouge artist was paid a visit from the Secret Secret after he made a post on his social media threatening President Trump. In the video, he had threatened to shoot Trump because of his harsh criticisms about those receiving food stamps.

In the same year, the rapper faced several charges including in 2016 where he was charged with illegal possession of a stolen firearm and three counts of felony possession of a firearm when he and a few members of his crew robbed a GUN STORE.

In the videos, he not only criticizes the ancestors but at the end of his bewildering rant, he shouts of Tupac Shakur. We can't be sure but - we highly doubt that Pac would cosign these messages. Maine seems to be very lost and during his rant, he attempts to make an argument for unity amongst the Black community before completely killing the few valid points that he does make.

Watch below.

Here's more of his craziness: