54% Of Young Hispanics & 74% of Young White People . . . Oppose Reparations

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Just HALF of young Americans between ages 18 and 35 believe that the U.S. government should formally apologize for slavery, one of the most evil institutions this nation has ever engaged in.

A new poll finds that young people are even LESS interested in discussing reparations for slavery. According to a 2016 Fusion Issues Poll, nearly two-thirds of young America is against compensating the families of the victims of slavery - with cash payments.

The new 2016 Fusion Issues Poll surveyed 1,045 adults age 18 to 35 about their views on a number of important social justice issues.

And the views on slavery and reparations broke down - based on racial lines.

Sixty-eight percent of black respondents and 59% of young Hispanics favored a federal apology to black Americans for slavery, while only 41% of young whites do. Sixty-two percent of young black people favored reparations, while a majority of young Hispanics (54%) and a large majority of young whites (74%) were opposed.