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SHOCK VIDEO From Fredo Santana's Funeral . . . They POURED LEAN . . . On His DEAD BODY . . . As A TRIBUTE To Him!!! ('You Never Stopped Sippin')

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Last week, rapper Fredo Santana died – after suffering from a long addiction to the prescription cough syrup known as “Lean.”

The Chicago rapper who was the cousin of Chief Keef died from a fatal seizure caused by the liquid. Santana had been hospitalized previously after suffering from issues with both his kidney and liver - caused by his addiction. He was just 27 years of age.

Fredo rose to prominence in the early 2010s as part of Chicago's Drill wave. He released several mixtapes, including Fredo Kruger, It's a Scary Site and his Trappin Ain't Dead album and was preparing to release part two of his Walking Legend mixtape series.

Since the beginning of the year, several rappers have been publicly swearing off prescription drugs.

Famous Dex recently took to social media to explain his reasons for quitting the infamous 'purple drank'...

"I’m your role model, then stop f*cking doing the lean... I just want to let my Live know, all my fans know, I quit codeine. I don’t do the lean no more. That’s on my kids. You’ll never ever see me with a double cup. It f*cked me up. I’m in the hospital right now. But I feel so better. I feel so good. God is so good. That’s why y’all haven’t been seeing me do no music. I been f*cked up.”

It seems that Fredo's homies don't quite get it yet. Despite the fact that Lean KILLED HIM, Fredo’s homies decided to use it as a way to “tribute” him.

Check out the videos below.