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MTO EXCLUSIVE: K. Michelle Unveils Her NEW BODY . . . After Getting Her SILICONE BUTT IMPLANTS Removed!! (PICS)

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R&B singer K. Michelle is a new woman – she got the silicone SUCKED OUT OF HER BUTT.

K. Michelle has spoken openly about getting ILLEGAL BUTT INJECTIONS in the past – but she decided she would remove them, for health reasons.

"I had a big a$$. I already had one. I was insecure. I was like, ‘I want a big a$$, I want some titties, I want some teeth. This is what I wanna do.’ I just did it. It felt good. It was a temporary bandage on some issues with me, and it felt good at the moment. Now I just want to be me, who my mama made me," she stated.

We've known this move was coming for a while now. Michelle has claimed in the past that her exaggerated shape was preventing her from getting serious roles and positions within the industry.

But the health issues are proving too much for the r&B starlet.

“For me, I’ve always been open. I’ve always been curvy, but it was never enough,” Michelle told The Real. “I thought, ‘I’m having trouble with men, right now and maybe if I had a big ol’ huge butt, then I’d get bigger love.’ So that’s what I did. I did butt; I did hips. Now I’m to the point that I’ve been tired of it for years, and now it’s affecting my health.”

And the result looks pretty good. Her new butt is still big but in a NATURAL LOOKING way. We like it.

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