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Young Woman FORESEES HER OWN DEATH In Dream . . . Tweets About . . . And Is KILLED JUST DAYS LATER!! (DETAILS And PICS)


A 27-year-old woman was KILLED – just days after posting an EERIE TWEET – that suggests she foresaw her own death.

Khalla Nguyen died early Saturday morning in a vicious car crash in Jersey City, N.J. – she was a backseat passenger in the vehicle.

The driver, Khadija Hamilton, was unlicensed when she slammed the 2000 Honda Accord into a metal barrier, killing her friend Khalla. Prosecutors have charged her with reckless driving and negligent homicide. A "not guilty" plea was entered on Hamilton's behalf during Monday's hearing. Friends and family members of Hamilton's showed up to support her during the hearing - but all declined when press asked for comment.

Hamilton fled the scene after the 3 a.m. crash near Seventh Street. She surrendered to authorities with her attorney at about noon on Sunday, officials said.

Reports say that this the third fatal hit-and-run in Jersey City since Jan. 17. The road is known for being dangerous. Due to work to replace a water pipeline, the street has been narrowed, while work trucks and equipment have left the sidewalk in the area closed off.

Hamilton most likely fled the crash because she did not hold a valid driver's license. However, she should have stuck around to ensure that get her friend received help - or at least called for an ambulance.

The Hudson County Regional Fatal Collision Unit is investigating the crash and is asking witnesses to come forward with any further information.

Look at the above tweet that Khalla sent out last week.