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SHOCK VIDEO: Package Thief BREAKS HER LEG . . . Trying To Steal PACKAGES From Doorstep!! (Can She . . . SUE The Owner??)


Karma is REAL! And this video is the proof! A video has gone viral on social media – it shows a package THIEF breaking her leg – while stealing.

In the video, you see a car moving slowly past a suburban home and then stopping just in front before the accused package thief jumps from the car and takes off towards the porch.

She grabs three boxes and then runs for the car. As she's in such a hurry, the reckless thief slips on a muddy spot on the grass. The woman’s leg gets caught under her, and she appears to injure her leg severely.

She cries in pain and tries desperately to get up, but it’s too much. The swindler's partner in crime hears her cries for help and exits the car. He walks over to her and tries to get her to her feet, as she squeals out in pain. Being the gentleman that he is, he then lifts her up and carries her over to the car, places her safely inside before returning to finish the job that his wounded lady friend started. He grabs the box she dropped, runs back to their vehicle and they drive off - probably to the nearest hospital!

It’s not clear whether the package thief would have a LEGAL CLAIM over the homeowner – even after stealing from her.

We don't feel even an ounce of sympathy for the perpetrators. But judging from this crystal clear camera footage - the homeowners have plenty of evidence to back a legal claim against the crooked couple!