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SHOCKER: R&B Grammy Nominated Artist SZA Fires SHOTS At Beyonce . . . Claims That Bey . . . BLEACHES HER SKIN!! (Details)


Someone went DIGGING through Twitter and spotted some UNFAVORABLE old tweets from Sza.

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Back in 2011, she thought Beyonce was BLEACHING her skin . . . And made some homophobic remarks.

Her tweet, making reference to Beyonce's skin, said the following:

"Beyonce looking more and more like Madonna every day! Could swore she was black at one point... #justsayin"

Her comments may come as a shock to some, as Sza came up off the back of writing for several mainstream artists - including BEYONCE. She had even expressed her delight in working with the musical icon when she was asked about her credits on the Lemonade singer's "Feelin' Myself."

“Yeah, I wrote parts of that,” she said. “A nice chunk of that [laughs]. I’m on the credits, so I think it’s really interesting. It was dope meeting Beyonce. She’s tight. She’s perfect actually.

Another tweet shows Sza expressing some controversial views about the LGBT community.

"The increasing influx of gay men is making me seriously consider not having a baby... unless I can genetically engineer a girl."

While it is not 100% clear exactly what Sza meant, one can assume that she wished she could avoid giving birth to a baby boy as she could not face the possibility of raising a gay son.

However you look at her comments, she quite evidently expressed her displeasure at the supposed rise in the population of gay men and felt so strongly about it that she felt comfortable enough to express her views on her social media platform.

She wasn't alone. The tweets received several likes and retweets.

You can view the tweets below.

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