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DISTURBING VIDEO: Middle School BULLIES Video Themselves. . . Ripping Wig Off Of 8th Grader . . . With A BAD SCALP CONDITION!! (Pics And Video)

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Lauren ‘Lulu’ Williams, just 16 years old, was TERRORIZED by a group of middle school bullies – and now she's doing something about it.

The beautiful eighth-grader - who has a serious scalp condition and wears a wig to school - was cruelly targeted by her classmates in the middle of the hallway at Franklin High School in Tennessee on Friday.

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The horrific incident was captured on camera and shared on Snapchat with the caption "weave snatching."

Lauren was in the hallway speaking to a girlfriend when the incident took place. The 5-second video shows a male student ripping off Lulu’s wig before running away down the hall.

Lauren suffers from both eczema and psoriasis both conditions have affected her scalp and her hair growth. She spoke to the Tennessean about the harrowing episode.

"That's the one thing I cherish, having a wig so that I can feel safe and beautiful like other girls... So when they tore it off, it was kind of like stripping me naked and putting me out in the open," she told them. "I just heard her laughing outside the stall the entire time, and I was crying."

Authorities and officials from Franklin High are investigating the bullying incident. The school district said they would prosecute delinquent behavior to the fullest extent of the law.

But LuLu is now making a STAND – and celebrating her hairless head. She’s already gotten a BUNCH of support from people who have watched the video.

Here is what she looks like without the wig.

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