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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Indian Bride Commits RITUAL SUICIDE On Livestream . . . One WEEK Before Wedding . . . After Ex-Boyfriend Threatens To 'EXPOSE' That She's NOT A Virgin!!!

Author: just received sad news that an Indian bride named Nisha Devidas committed suicide on Livestream – after her ex-boyfriend threatened to expose that she was not a virgin.

Nisha, who resided in the Indian village of Rohini - was just ten days away from getting married to a man unnamed in reports when she died. The marriage was arranged by her parents.

But that won’t happen. You see, she went on Livestream and drank a thick black substance (believed to be poison) and killed herself.

While it’s not 100% clear why she did it, it is being said that Nisha's vindictive ex, threatened to expose that she was not a virgin.

Nisha’s brother told the local press, "My sister's wedding was due on the fourth of February, but she embraced death just 10 days before her marriage. A [man] is responsible for my sister’s death. He lured my sister on the pretext of marriage, then used her and started blackmailing her.”

"Fed up and defeated, my sister consumed pesticide. I want [that man] to be immediately arrested."

It is also being said that the black liquid was sent to her by her blackmailing ex.

After ingesting the poison, Nisha was found unresponsive and was promptly rushed to the District General Hospital in Bhandara... But it was too late; she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The man in question is Nisha’s ex. Her husband-to-be expected that she was a VIRGIN.

Police are currently investigating the young bride-to-be's tragic death.