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SHOCKER: Andrew Caldwell Got His FIRST KISS FROM A GIRL . . . Since Being DELIVER'T . . . Listen To Him DESCRIBE IT!!!


Andrew Caldwell is officially “delivert” again ‘all.

Calvert made international news two years ago – when he proclaimed that God had turned him straight. At the time, the video, recorded at his resident church - went viral instantly and spawned thousands of parody sketches and hilarious remix videos, and Caldwell became an internet sensation overnight.

Even after his claims of deliverance, Caldwell battled with his sexuality for quite some time. Despite his numerous videos claiming that he was lusting after women, in 2015 - he claimed to have been Kordell Stewart's side piece and alleged that he gave the former RHOA cast member 'mouth.' He later recanted his statements after Stweart threatened to take legal action, stating:

“I want to personally apologize to Kordell Stewart for mentioning his name and making false accusations. […] I don’t [know Kordell Stewart]. From the bottom of my heart, I do apologize, and I’m sincerely sorry and I will not be going on any interviews and will not be mentioning your name at all. I ask you to forgive me, and I apologize for anything and everything that I’ve done to you.”

He again made headlines last year when he threatened to sue Gospel singer Kim Burrell after she made the following remarks to her congregation:

"The minute somebody comes up with a deaf and dumb spirit, a mute spirit, one that can't even talk that has a perverted spirit saying that 'I am delivered,' he goes all the way to Jimmy Kimmel. You think the enemy is not trying to make a mockery of the church?"

Well, Andrew is giving folks details on his personal life since becoming “straight.”

He recently met a girl and had his first NON-GAY KISS . . . in over 20 years. Listen to him describe it: