52 Yr Old Halle Berry . . . Shoots Her Shot . .. With LEBRON JAMES!! (Twitter Calls Her An 'Old Ho')

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Halle Berry was shooting her shot yesterday, with NBA star LeBron James. Halle was spotted on the MARRIED NBA player's page, and commenting on his pics. In one pic she posted an emoji that many interpreted as making a romantic advance at the NBA star.

And almost immediately, fans commented under Halle's comments. First the fans were surprised that Halle would shoot her shot with a Black man. Halle has spoken out before, about dating exclusively White men.

But then the shock turned to outrage, when some female fans realized that Halle was flirting with a married man. Many women in LeBron's comments are calling the 52 heart old Halle an "old ho."

Here's the post:


Earlier this year Halle gave a shout out to LeBron, the Oscar winning actress was happy and excited that he had opened up his own SCHOOL...

Berry, 51, let James know how she really feels about his “revolutionary” school in an emotional message posted on her Instagram feed … and her words were ones of praise.

Last month, the Ohio native applauded the NBA star for his dedication to providing education to underprivileged youth in her hometown.

“I grew up in a small town in Oakwood, #Ohio, about 20 mi north of#Akron,” she wrote. “The idea that something as revolutionary as the @ipromiseschool has been brought to Ohio’s children has me overwhelmed with joy.”

Berry posted a photo of James from the first day of the school’s opening flanked by smiling little girls.