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Niecy Nash Comes UNDER FIRE . . . People Are Saying She Was 'BEING RACIST' . . . At Last Night's SAG AWARDS!! (WATCH)


Actress Niecy Nash is TRENDING this morning, after what she did last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night.

The Claws actress told her co-presenter Olivia Munn that she would be reading out the name of Sterling K. Brown if he won for BEST ACTOR.

When Olivia asked Why, Niecy said, “Because he’s black,” adding that Olivia can “say anyone who is Asian who is nominated.”

But Olivia didn’t think that was particularly fair. “I think there’s just white guys and Sterling K. Brown. But thank you I’ll take one of the white guys,” she replied.

Most people thought it was CHARMING . . . but some are saying that Niecey was being "racist." Watch: