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MTO SHOCK REPORT: Kentucky Police Chief Orders His Officers . . . 'SHOOT Innocent Black Teens' . . . Then . . . 'If The Kid's Mom Is Hot . . . F***K Her'!!! (Read His 'SICK' Orders)

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    Original: obtained HORRIFIC documents that show that some of America's police agencies - have been INFILTRATED by KILLER white supremacists.

The documents reveal that an assistant police chief of a Louisville-area city sent disturbing text messages to a recruit, ordering him to "shoot" innocent African Americans.

Todd Shaw has resigned from the Prospect Police Department after his DISGUSTING orders were shown to the media. According to documents reviewed by WDRB-TV, the recruit asked what “the right thing to do” would be if he catches three juveniles smoking marijuana.

Chief Shaw’s reply: “fu*k the right thing. If black shoot them.” And when interacting with the children’s parents, Shaw said, “if mom is hot then fu*k her… if dad is hot then handcuff him and make him suck my di*k.”

The SICK POLICE CHIEF added: “Unless daddy is black… Then shoot him.”

Yesterday a court ruled that media should be allowed to release the orders to the public.