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BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Montana Millz Whose Songs Include 'Sell Drugz' And 'Feds Watching' . . . Just Got Picked Up . . . On FEDERAL DRUG CHARGES!!!

Author: learned that the 30-year-old Rhode Island rapper named "Montana Millz" (@montanamillz) was convicted yesterday on Federal DRUG CHARGES.

Montana, whose songs include “Sell Drugz” and “Feds Watching,” was sentenced this week to three years in federal prison for selling drugs. He really was rapping his life - the feds were actually watching and he was selling illegal substances.

Federal agents say Montana was trafficking heroin and fentanyl -a painkiller often mixed with heroin making it stronger than morphine. Montana sold drugs to an undercover officer on at least four occasions.

Montana Millz's real name is Michael Persaud.