Nicole Murphy is amazing - she's 51 years old and many consider her to have the best body in all of Hollywood.

Nicole was spotted yesterday by the paparazzi as she was walking into Barney's New York to do some shopping. The beautiful ex-wife to comedian Eddie Murphy was wearing workout clothing, which showed off her curves and her stomach.

And everything about her body is perfect. Here are the images:


Nicole is an American fashion model, television personality, designer, actress, and businesswoman. She is best known for her international modeling career, 12 year marriage to comedian/actor Eddie Murphy, and participation on reality television show Hollywood Exes.

Nicole is now retired from modeling. She spends most of her day working on her newly created jewelery collection — "FLP Jewelry Design," the "FLP" stands for Friendship, Love and Peace. Nicole is also an executive producer and reality star of Hollywood Exes on VH1, and a successful business owner.