51 Yr Old Actress Garcelle Beauvais . . . Has New BOYFRIEND!! (Very Distinguished)

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Actress Garcelle Beauvais has a new man - and he's a very SEXY older man.

Garcelle was spotted out yesterday - keeping it trendy at the Anastasia Beverly Hills Party at Delilah. She seemed to be in a good mood - and that's in large part thanks to her handsome boyfriend.

Garcelle's man was spotted a few paces behind her, trying to avoid the cameras - but we spotted him.

Garcelle was recently in the news - she suffered from some backlash at the actress after she posted a photo kissing Will Smith online.


Just a few days ago Garcelle was dragged through the mud for posting a photo wishing Will Smith a Happy 50th Birthday. . . the only problem was that the photo showed Garcelle KISSING Will Smith on the lips. Many found it very disrespectful to Will's wife Jada and his entire family.

Garcelle later apologized for posting the photo.

The picture was from the 1999 film “Wild Wild West.” 

“You’re disrespectful as hell,” one person wrote on Beauvais’ Instagram page. “Don’t post yourself kissing someone’s husband to wish him a happy birthday.”

“She messy,” someone else commented. “Why would she even post that pic?”

At first, Beauvais responded to the backlash playfully by tweeting “Bring it,” but then she removed the photo and said sorry.

“Okay guys, it was supposed to be a funny post,” she wrote. “My bad if I offended anyone. If you are my followers you know I’m all about lifting up people and being a positive human being. I made a mistake. Have a beautiful blessed day.”