51 Year Old Halle Berry WITHOUT MAKEUP . . . Not A SINGLE WRINKLE!! (Close Up Pics)

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Halle Berry is 51 years old - and not only is she beautiful - her skin is perfectly WRINKLE FREE. Watching Halle age is truly amazing, it's almost like she gets even MORE PERFECT with each passing day.

The actress was spotted leaving the gym and eating lunch with friends. She was not wearing makeup, and she didn't have her hair done either. But that didn't matter - her natural beauty shined through.

The results of Halle's workouts were quite obvious as she stepped out in Los Angeles on Saturday. The Monster's Ball actress showed off her incredible figure in a sporty ensemble for the outing.

Halle is currently single, and looking for a new relationship. We'd bet good money that she's not on the market for very long . . .


Speaking to E! News, her trainer Peter Lee Thomas said: 'She pretty much had a checklist of things she wanted as far as her physique is concerned and we had a bulletproof battle plan...

'You better believing we are doing some boxing, some kick boxing, some Muay Thai... I'm definitely working on those skill sets with her and she's also doing strength and conditioning."