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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: NFL Player Is CUT FROM TEAM . .. Allegedly . .. For 'ABUSING' NFL Star Jerry Rice's DAUGHTER!!!

Author: learned that the daughter of Hall Of Famer JerryRice, Jada Rice, is making starling claims - that her NFL boyfriend - is abusing her.

<blockquote>It was reported by a close source that he abused her to make himself feel more worthy than she because she was JerryRice's daughter. He would put her down by saying how he's a better man and football player then her famous father.

He constantly cheated on her & told her how other women were better than her, mentally abusing her in any way possible. {NAME REDACTED} was constantly jealous of her dad's success and she would try to tell him that he could be as great if he just put in the work.

In response, {NAME REDACTED} would then tell her to shut the fuck up because she didnt know shit about football and that all she knew was her daddy play's football and he has money. {NAME REDACTED} would always later apologize and say he would change every time he knew he took thing's to far.

His emotional issue's were non stop as he would blame Rice for not doing good in practice and tell her that she was a slut because he would think she was cheating after returning from having sex with random women.

He abused Jada so much until she finally left, but Instead of letting her leave he choked her out resulting in him being cut from his previous team. Allegedly Rice filed a police report following the incident and got a restraining order.

No one should go through such abuse by such a unstable man and this story speak's for the type of man {NAME REDACTED} is.