Sheree Whitfield from the Real Housewives of Atlanta turned 50 years old two weeks ago. And she wants everyone to know that she's still got it.

The beautiful reality star first decided to show that her breasts are still as firm as a 20-year-old. On her IG - she posted a pic of her going topless to the club. She only had a star-covered pasty, to cover up her most intimate parts.

Here's Sheree - showing her boobs:

But Sheree also wanted it to be known that its not just her breasts that are looking good.

 Her stomach and butt are still fit and firm too.

She posted pics of her in a two-piece bikini - during her recent vacation in Thailand and she looks amazing. 

Sheree is definitely body goals. Doesn't she make you want to go to the gym . .. . 


To celebrate her 50th birthday, Shereé is treating herself to a Thailand vacation and — no surprise here — the trip is completely over the top! While rocking a humongous, totally fierce ponytail, The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum has been living it up big time during her stay, donning a sequin jumpsuit for an alfresco penthouse dinner, wearing an itty bitty pink bikini on the beach, and sipping drinks from a rooftop pool at The St. Regis Bangkok.