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50 Year Old NICOLE MURPHY Wears A Teeny Tiny Bikini . . . And She Looks LIKE AN INSTAGRAM STAR!!! (Amazing)

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Who said that a woman can’t look her BEST in her 50s. Nicole Murphy looked amazing in the below pics.

She celebrated her 50th birthday back in January with her mom in Bev Hills at Mastro’s Steakhouse – Drake was there too! The pair took a cute pic together.

The former star of VH1’s hit reality show Hollywood Exes and former wife of comedian Eddie Murphy used to be engaged to NFL legend and daytime talk show host Michael Strahan.

“You know what? It’s real,” she said of their union at the time. “No matter what status these women are on, I think we all share a common bond. There are women out there who are watching this show who might be recently going through a divorce, and they’re going through the same issues. It might be on a different level…”

A year later the pair split citing busy schedules as the reason.

And what did Eddie Murphy think of her stint on reality television?

“He thinks it’s great. He’s very supportive. It’s not like we’re on there and we’re bashing our ex. Thank God I have a wonderful relationship with my ex-husband. He’s a wonderful father, and we have beautiful kids together. So it’s not like I’m on there and I’m like, “Augh!!” You know? I’m not doing that. It’s all about what I’m doing in my life, and it’s positive,” she told Ebony.

We miss her fabulous self on our televisions screens. We need Nicole back – ASAP!

Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic

Here is the third pic

Here is the fourth pic