Last October, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson started a rumor, that boxer Gervontae Davis had stolen the girlfriend of his promoter and mentor Floyd Mayweather.

Well it turns out that 50 was telling the truth.

This weekend, Gervontae came out publicly to announce that he and YaYa are in a relationship.

50 Cent was the first to learn of their relationship and he put Floyd Mayweather - whom he has a love-hate relationship with - on blast. This is what 50 said back in October:

He said:

“I don’t know what the f*ck… Nelly took one of the b*tches, Ray J took one of the b*tches, now Gervonta done took one of the b*tches. He bought the b*tch a Maybach, Bentley, condo and all that sh*t. Now Gervontae got the b*tch? N*gga probably want to put a suicide note, man.”

Here's Floyd with Yaya at the Super Bowl with Yaya:


And here's Gervontae with Yaya on Sunday night: