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50 Cent's baby mama was forced to clap back after the rappers recent remarks.

50 is constantly taking shots at his baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins and her son (who is the stamp of 50 Cent). Well, Shanqua got tired and decided to hit back via her Instagram stories.

 “A n*gga with money don’t mean sh*t…. Ronald McDonald rich as f**c….. but he still a clown 👀Alexa plat bitter old bitch by lil baby ☕🐸LOL.”

She continued:

“I find it humorous that a not so gangster rapper will go so hard and be so dilligent at going at his child and his child’s mother, but won’t keep that same energy for the n****s who put that hot lead up in his ass.. Alexa play ‘Many Men’ by 50 Cent.” 

We know 50 is the king of trolls. But the world knows that kids are supposed to be off limits, and that really should include your own. It's time for Fif to grow up and embrace his family instead of trying to humiliate them on the Gram!