50 Cent Wants To Snoop Dogg Instead of Ja Rule: It Would Make More Sense Catalog Wise

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50 Cent says that he'd be willing to go up against Snoop Dogg instead of Ja Rule -- saying that it would make more sense catalog wise.

"It would make more sense catalog wise, me and Snoop. Cause we could compete every step of the way," 50 told Big Boy. "Ja Rule? He got like five, six good duets. The hit records are all him and Jennifer Lopez, him and Mary J. Blige, him and Ashanti. Him and … a woman, a female. All the records. He got one hit song by himself, 'Holla Holla.'"

 "They're all doable records but they're someone else's," he said.

But Ja Rule says Snoop is out of his league:

"He don’t want that pressure... 🤣 and Snoop our ya league bra!!! 😭 👑" he commented under the video.

Some of the fans think that 50 is running scared:

"If you scared say you scared 😱" somebody commented.

"In reality, Ja might cook him 😂" commented another.

Another chimed in, "This n*gga scared man on his career he SCARED"

Is 50 scared?