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50 Cent Trolls TI: You Make Sure You Get To Work On Time!!

50 Cent took to Instagram to troll rapper T.I. in a series of posts after T.I. joined one of his Power spin-offs.

T.I. has been trying to get 50 Cent to do a Verzuz battle, but 50 has been ducking him.

"From the desk of the Executive producer of CBS New hit show 24/7. This pretty little light skinned n!66a never made no music harder than me. LOL 😆but yeah we can make some money. @troubleman31 POWER Sunday," he wrote sharing a picture of T.I.

T.I. then hit the comments section to reply: "From the iPhone of the Executive Producer & STAR of CBS's new hit showrooms 24/7 ... you can't f*ck wit a picture of me ni66a‼️👑"

Fif didn't stop there. He posted another pic of T.I. "👀These little n!66as be angry, don't worry you'll be a Big Dog like me one day. 🥱for now you'll just be. I like that jacket, not bad. LOL #STARZ POWER SUNDAY!"

T.I. replied once again: "🗣Pull ya BAD ASS UP den BIG DAWG Homie O.G. ‼️ Cmon‼️ wit ya 1 album & them other Lil Luke warm songs u got...gon dust that sh*t off kid👑"

He then shared another post, telling T.I. to make sure he gets to work on time.

Will we finally get a Verzuz from the pair?