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Rapper Pop Smoke is gone but not forgotten and rapper 50 Cent recently broke down why he has so much love for the rapper during a recent Instagram live session.

"See, Pop Smoke, that was one of my favorites. I liked that n*gga, man. I swear to God, I like that n*gga man," says 50.

"I met him. We was talking, and I was like, 'yo'. I'm watching him, right. He keep playing with his phone. These little n*ggas play with they phone all the time. I'm like 'yo, what the f*ck is wrong with this n*gga?" Fif says, realizing that Smoke was jotting it all down.

"I said, 'Oh sh*t.' See it's a difference between a n*gga copying you. That's not copying. He never copied one f*cking thing from me. He just looked at it, he saw what was good in it. It influenced him, and he was doing his own thing with it. I fell in love with the n*gga at that point."

Watch the clip below.