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Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is really about his money, as we all know. But yesterday he showed just how serious he is about getting paid back.

The entertainment mogul confronted comedian Daryl Mitchell - who is in a wheelchair - inside a hotel in Los Angeles. 50 pressed the comedian, claiming that Daryl owed him money.

Daryl agreed to owing the Power creator money, but the comedian claimed that he would pay it "later."

Well 50 wasn't satisfied with Daryl's offer, so he removed a wheel from the comedian's wheelchair - and took it. At first, many on social media thought that it was a staged prank.

Here's 50-Cent taking the wheel:

But a few hours later, 50 posted a video, showing Daryl going into the bank - with a wheel missing from his chair. Daryl was seen withdrawing money and then giving it to 50:

Now many on social media are claiming that the debt was real - and 50 Cent really is that much of a savage.