Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson just made an executive decision - to change Power's show anthem - from Trey Songz back to the original one sung by R&B singer Joe.

For the sixth and final season of the show, Power's producers decided to replace the show's theme song 'Big Rich Town' featuring Joe - with a remix featuring Trey Songz on vocals.

And it didn't go over too well with the fans.

Now 50 Cent - the show's creator and executive producer - decided to right the wrong and changed the theme back to Joe's. The legendary rapper and entrepreneur tipped off fans on Instagram that the original song "would play" in season 6 episode 3.

MTO News got an exclusive sneak peak at the episode and can confirm that tonight's episode WILL have Joe's Power theme.

"The original theme song will play this Sunday," 50 Cent wrote on Instagram. 

And here's some more good news about tonight's episode of Power: 50 Cent is directing it. The mogul explained on Instagram, "Episode 603 I directed this episode. I promise it's crazy. POWER #1."