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Boxing star Gervontae Davis has just stolen Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend - at least that's the word that we're getting from Floyd's former best friend, entertainment mogul Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

50 took to social media last night, to spill the tea on the two boxing greats.

According to 50, people told him that Gervontae "stole" Floyd's girlfriend. 50 explained, "Nelly took one of [Floyd's] b*thces, Ray J took one of his b*tches, now Gervontae is taking one."

Nelly began dating Shantel Jackson immediately after she broke up with Floyd Mayweather. Similarly, Ray J began dating (and eventually married) Princess Love after she split with the boxing great.

It's not clear who the girl is that 50 claims Gervontae "stole" from Floyd, or how serious Gervontae is with Floyd's ex.

But here's 50 spilling the tea:

Mayweather issued a response over on his Instagram page an hour later by uploading a screenshot of an article from March of this year. The report stated that Shaniqua Tompkins, mother to 50 Cent's estranged eldest son Marquise Jackson, made claims that the rapper has genital herpes. "Even your first born son's mother, Shaniqua said you got herpes...but by the way your eyes look, it looks more like something deadlier than that," Mayweather wrote in the caption.

Gervontae is currently signed to Floyd's Mayweather Promotions team. It's probably going to be awkward working together after all this, but the real question is what is Floyd doing wrong in his relationships???