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50 Cent has once again taken aim at the Emmys as his hit show, Power, has repeatedly been snubbed by the awards show.

"The EMMY's can kiss my black ass in slow motion," 50 wrote alongside a screenshot of the new season's premiere numbers.

 "F*ck em I'm #1 They a bunch of Bengay my back hurt smelling ass old people anyway."

According to THR, the drama pulled 1.47 million viewers for its initial airing Sunday — slightly below the 1.55 million who watched the season five premiere in July 2018. Replays pushed the Sunday-night total to 2.3 million viewers. 

The initial airing pulled in more views that hit show, Big Little Lies. Surely it's time for Fofty to take an Emmy home?

As for the snubs, 50 thinks it all has to do with race.

"I like to say it's racial. That's the easy way to get out of things. People who are running and connected to these ceremonies are not necessarily cool people," he said last month.