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While many men celebrated Father's Day with their children, rapper 50 Cent hopped onto his social media to claim that the holiday is all about money.

Fifty claimed that while Mother's Day is all about receiving beautiful gifts and appreciation, Father's day is all about the coins and DIY.

"Listen, Father's Day is a holiday that's not really a holiday. That shit is like...even by the commercials. Father's Day, they show you a screwdriver, muthaf*ckin power tools. Go fix some sh*t. They want to send you to go fix some sh*t. When Mother's Day come, the sh*t be like Zales, 'Because you care.' It be different sh*t, like niggas don't want diamonds. They gon' do it for their mother, but they ain't gon' do it for their father." 

May 50 Cent did not get the gift he wanted or the appreciation that he feels that he deserved.

Watch his rant about the global holiday below.