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50 Cent let fans know that Bow Wow has finally paid back the money he stole from a strip club which was intended for the strippers.

"So I just got off the phone with my man Ant. He called to tell me Bow Wow reached out and gave him the money so we cool and sh*t. But I wanna do something to that n*gga. I feel like the n*gga stole my muthaf*ckin' money. I f*cking throw the money for the dancers and sh*t—this n*gga picking it up and taking it home with him? But now that I got my money, I'm wishing Bow Wow peace, happiness, all the blessings that could come to him."

50 then issued a warning to his followers:

"But y'all leave him alone! He feeling all kind of pressure! Muthaf*ckas on his page like, 'Yo you owe 50 money, muthaf*cka! You better pay!' I know he's like, 'Ah!'"

50 had accused Bow of swiping $1000 from the strip club.