Rapper 50 Cent is a businessman, a tv executive, a rapper, and a master at Instagram trolling. And reality star Lala Kent is finding that out the hard way.

A few months ago, Fifty exposed filmmaker and Power's executive producer Randall Emmett - for owing him money. The legendary rapper embarrassed Randall on Instagram, and Emmett's fiancé, Lala, got into a little back and forth with Fifty. 

Eventually Emmett paid back the money, and 50 seemingly ended the beef with him and Lala.

Lala currently stars on the Bravo show Vanderpump Rules - where she's a no-nonsense, confrontational character who is sometimes a mean girl. And she tried to play the "mean girl" role with 50.

The reality star recently did an interview where she mentioned that she could pull out receipts about how she "dinged" 50 Cent's ego. 

It wasn't much of a jab to the rapper, but 50 didn't like hearing her mention his name at all. So he decided to drag her all up and down Instagram for the past  24 hours.

Here's what 50 has been doing to the poor girl:

You may recall the Instagram feud that involved 50 Cent and Emmett over money that the latter owed the former. The word exchange got ugly with posts back and forth until Kent’s man finally paid the $1 million he owed.

With Kent appearing on Andy Cohen’s talk show, she was asked about the digital brawl and if it was something she had let go.

“I mean, I listened to ‘In Da Club’ on my birthday, so that was pretty lit,” she admitted.

Cohen also asked why Kent had deleted all the photos of her and Emmett at the time.

“You know, I feel really badly for Rand at times because he signed up to be a movie producer, and he just happened to fall for someone who’s like very out there and outspoken,” Kent answered. “So in the moment, I was like, ‘F this, I’m not having pictures up for people to screenshot and send to me and write mean things.’ It was just the heat of the moment.”