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Nicki Minaj welcomed 50 Cent to Monday's Queen Radio episode, where they revealed that 50 wanted to sign Nicki early on in her career, but did not because of her former manager, Fendi.

On the show, Nicki asked 50 flat out why he did not sign her when he had the chance.

"Because of Fendi," he replied. "That's the only reason why I wasn't saying nothing or checking real hard for her because he was over there."

Big Fendi "discovered" Nicki and even gave her the rap moniker, Nicki Minaj but after a fallout, Nicki moved over to Atlanta momager, Debra Antney.

"Now he's is a little seasoned," 50 continued. "He knows how to keep the relationship the right way. Back then, he was being Fendi."

Nicki chimed in saying, "We all matured and I think it's only going to help our businesses. [Because] we from where we are from [and] we don't need more bullshit and drama anymore."