50 Cent's petty levels are on a thousand as he took time out from his busy trolling schedule to have the former G-Unit rapper's video, "Road Trip" removed from YouTube.

After removing the video, Fif then posted a screenshot of the video page which states that the video was removed by G-Unit due to "copyright infringement" and he captioned the image:

"Check out Bucks New Video. 🤨Fofty I want my money Monday’s. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #bellator"

The move comes less than a week after 50 posted a screenshot of a GoFundMe page he created to raise money to free Buck from 50. The G-Unit boss has also been clowning Buck over his alleged relationship with a transgender female.

Buck has responded to the video removal by posting an unflattering image of 50, captioned:

"Big #Fofty Say I Owe Him Some Check 😂 Tell Him #OpenTheBooks ⭕

Compulsive The Ep Out Now #Defamation Otw"

Is Fofty going too far?